How to Hire Professional Furniture Movers in Dubai


furniture movers in dubai

Individuals who have recently settled into a new city know the hassle of packing their furniture in other belongings inside a truck before shipping it. Besides, some professional movers charge an extra fee from their clients before delivery. These kinds of things are pretty common and hence selecting the right furniture mover is essential. This article discusses some vital factors that one needs to keep in mind before hiring cheap movers in Dubai. These tips will surely help in picking the right company for transporting, packing and delivering furniture.

Research about the Company

The first and most crucial step is to know about the company and the quality of its work. Try to connect with existing customers to know about recommendations and reviews. It is always best to call the professional furniture movers in Dubai in person to check for their offerings and prices. After shortlisting the choices, assess their work before paying the fees.

Prepare Clear Estimates

The charges for moving a specific shipment can vary depending on distance, weight, packaging, and other related services. It is always recommended to get multiple estimates before shipping the items. One can also choose to consult with a relocation expert to make the best choice. Movers and packers in Dubai help create accurate estimates for transporting a specific set of furniture. Always look for binding contracts and avoid accepting any estimate over a phone call.

Purchase An Insurance

Before shipping the belongings via a mover agency, having insurance is mandatory. It is particularly beneficial when the commute is over long distances. Insurance will keep the furniture protected against breakage or damage due to inadequate packaging. There are various types of insurance options for safeguarding furniture in transit.

Read the Contract Carefully

Usually, the mover agency will issue a bill that serves as a legal contract between the mover and the customer. Always ensure to understand every clause and condition of the agreement. Remember to keep the bill and the contract together. Besides, the bill must contain the name, address, and other necessary details of the mover. The bill also includes the time of pickup and the amount payable.

Check the Inventory for Loss Or Damage

In some instances, the movers are responsible for or damage caused to the shipment. Suppose there are any missing items, the agency must be informed immediately. Always check the shipment properly after it arrives at the destination. Compare the inventory sheet to ensure that everything is in proper shape.

Keep a Fixed Delivery Date

Once the shipment is handed over to the mover agency, the customer may require to pay storage charges. Delay in the arrival of the consignment may also affect consecutive events. At times there are hidden charges included by the mover. Always have sufficient insurance coverage for bulk items that require special handling.

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